Thursday, October 2, 2014

Blasband, Constable, And The ACO

Dr. Richard Blasband, whom Reich asked Ellsworth Baker to push out of orgonomy, is still with us, having recently given a talk at a conference in Italy on alternative sciences.

 Dr, Blasband, whose underhanded manipulations to discredit Ralph Markson, now on the Atmospheric Physics faculty at MIT,  and take over the research program of the ACO set back the scientific acceptance of orgonomy by at least a generation, was a good friend of the late Charles Pitchel, formerly the personal representative in America of Adolph Hitler, and more recently, along with another ex-president of the ACO, Barbara Koopman, an outspoken fan and defender of the late Nicolai Levashov, whose anti-Semitic rantings, which can be found on his website, are so extreme even the Nazis would be embarrassed by them. 

In 1972, when I blew the whistle on his friend, Trevor Constable, exposing the killing of numerous people in California by cloudbuster-generated storms, Constable was promptly fired by Ellsworth Baker, but the mass murder by Constable with funding and support from the ACO was no news to Blasband. He had been visiting there in Los Angeles when Constable demonstrated a new cloudbusting technique, documented by the next day's newspater headlines: "Unpredicted storm hikes state death toll to 67 on rain-slicked freeways". Another report by Constable which was already in Blasband's files was documented by the headline: "9-year old boy swept out to sea by sudden, unpredicted storm" .

 Baker told me at the time, "I'm worried about Dr. Blasband", and assured me the whole story would be exposed in the next issue of the Journal of Orgonomy. I am still waiting for that article. 

Correspondence between Blasband and Constable at the time shows that Blasband suggested he quit the ACO to go into a commercial cloudbusting venture with Constable, but Constable talked him out of it, saying he would need someone on the inside in the ACO in the future to keep him informed of any developments. 

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