Thursday, October 2, 2014

Reich Is Dead; Long Live Orgonomy

Nothing I or anyone else can do can hurt Reich. He has
dead for nearly 50 years. It is a measure of the stagnation and lack
originality of the Reichians that there is still so much emphasis on
instead of on the scientific field that he started. Is there any
journal in which every issue leads off with a reprint of something
Newton? Does any astronomical journal devote countless pages to
trivia about Copernicus? Do modern biologists constantly refer to
as doing ''Pastuers' work''? Those sciences have moved on and
remains ''sitting on the same spot'' where it was when Reich died.
Read what
Reich said in the Murder of Christ about ''sitting on the spot''.
around you. The best work based on Reichs' discoveries, and
extending those
discoveries further has been done by people like Charles Kelley,
Lowen, and even Trevor Constable, all of whom have abandoned any
attempt to
identify themselves with Reich and the formally designated field of
orgonomy. The ACO proclaimed itself the custodians of Reichs' legacy
attempted to excommunicate anyone who would not accept their
control. Jim
DeMeo has split with them, but carries on their tradition by
recognizing as
part of the field of ''orgonomy'' only those who he agrees with.
Look at
the links section of his website. Think of all the names, such as
Kelly and Trevor Constable that you don't see there. If there were a
functioning scientific community of people doing REAL work in
science, that is, doing THEIR OWN work, something original, not
replicating what Reich did 60 or 70 years ago in a foredoomed effort
convert unbelievers, then I would be happy to be a part of it. But
using the name ''orgonomy'' today are not a community of scientists.
are a cult of followers of Reich by proxy. And the proxy is James
DeMeo, who
for all practical purposes is the de facto leader of orgonomy, and
as such by the majority of Reichians, or if not, then those who do
accept him as such have so far neglected to speak up and say so.
Look, Reich
was a brilliant scientist. Perhaps the most brilliant the world has
known. But he was not infallible. He made some breakthrough
That was a couple of generations ago. I am not interested
in ''Reichs'
work''. I am interested in MY OWN WORK in the field of the life
energy. And
it does not matter a hoot if I call it orgonomy or something else,
or if I
give Reich the credit for it or claim it all as an original
discovery of my
own the way Constable does. Endlessly promoting Reichs' name and
will not find out one single new fact about how the life energy
or result in one new method of treating disease or helping to heal
environment. Reich is dead. The fate of his discoveries is in our
hands now.

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