Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hate Speach

This was sent to several anti-fascist groups in Italy. There was no response. 

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Sent: Friday, September 13, 2013 7:31 PM
Subject: American Fascist To Speak In Italy.

A conference will be held in Rome on Oct. 4 on the subject of orgonomy, which is a rather broad-spectrum field that touches on many widely divergent subjects. Most of the presentations will be of little interest except to specialists, but there is one that has a degree of public importance.
Sito per iscriversi alla Conferenza :

One of the invited speakers will be a Dr. James DeMeo, of Ashland, Oregon, USA. Dr. DeMeo is an extremely outspoken enemy of Islam and at every venue at which he speaks loses no opportunity to denounce and denigrate Islam and it's followers, all of whom he considers terrorists, without exception. 

Public condemnation of a religion and attempting to incite hostility against people on grounds of their religion is illegal in Italy, as in most European countries, but in past lectures in Germany and other countries, Dr. DeMeo has ignored these laws and spoken against Muslims in terms that bear little or no respect for historical facts and more closely resemble Nazi propaganda than the dispassionate scholarship he pretends to. Despite laws against defamation of a religion and incitement to inter-religious hatred, so far no attempt has been made to stop him. 

Most of the conference will be about other topics and most of the speakers will not agree with Dr. DeMeo on this subject, but it is a disgrace that he is to be allowed to present his anti-Islamic bigotry under the guise of social science. I suggest you might want to have somebody attend this event to monitor his presentation and take appropriate action. 

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