Thursday, October 2, 2014

No UFOs In Orgonomy

 Reich claimed to have not only seen, but to have actually fought with UFOs. I spoke to Eva Reich, Tom Ross, Robert McCullough, Bill Moise, Peter Reich, and Ellsworth Baker, all of whom were present when Reich saw what he saw. They all saw exactly the same things. They also made photographs. There is absolutely no doubt about what they saw.
But there is nothing in the actual observational data that indicates what it was they were seeing. They saw lights in the sky. That is all. They saw those lights react to a cloudbuster. They saw changes in background counts at the times the objects were there, and when the cloudbuster was aimed at it.
But the data would fit just as well if Reich had never heard of the big UFO flap that was in all the news at the time. If he had never heard of a UFO, he would have tried to fit what he was seeing into the known facts of orgone physics. And in that case he would have come up with something like this:
1. Under some conditions, when highly excited, as by a cloudbuster operating nearby, or when atomic bombs are being readied to set off, orgone energy in the sky luminates, just as excited orgone in a vacor tube glows in the dark.
 2. The glowing areas of the sky react to drawing with a cloudbuster, which drains off the excitation, just as it drains off the charge of a normal cloud.
3. The excess charge makes people on the ground under the area of excess charge feel sick, just as the over-charge in a laboratory can do.
4. When the atmosphere is so charged up that parts of it start to luminate, clouds break up, as one would expect from high charge surrounding them. 
There is no need for the extraterrestrial hypothesis to account fully for what Reich and the others with him actually saw. It was only the influence of the surrounding culture of the times that made him think of spaceships instead of a new observation of orgone energy phenomena as an explanation.
Reich presented his conclusions with so much assuredness and certainty that the only ones who doubted him were those who did not accept the whole idea of orgone energy in the first place.
I have also spoken to Jerome Eden about it. I have spoken top Richard Blasband about it. Both of them saw similar things in the sky while cloudbusting. So have I . But I see no evidence that the things in the sky were spaceships. They were lights in the sky. That is all. What caused the lights is an entirely separate question from if they were seen.
For many years I accepted the spin Reich put on them, that they were spaceships from some other world. But then I came across a book that explains them in terms that, fitted into the orgone theory, make more sense. The book, which you probably have read, is Earth Lights, By Paul Deveroux. When I read that, I realized that what Reich was seeing was the lumination of areas of the sky from orgonotic excitation, sometimes from atomic bombs being readied to go off, and sometimes from the effects of his cloudbusters.
It is a serious tragedy that Reich made the error of getting his fledgling science mixed up in the populist UFO field. For over 50 years now, orgonomy has struggled to incorporate this field, with no success. There is nothing in the vast UFO literature that in any way resembles anything in CWS. They are unrelated fields and do not belong together.
Orgonomy is a natural science. A spaceship from another world in not a natural phenomena and therefore not a topic of investigation in the natural sciences. It is a field of investigation for military intelligence, not scientists.

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