Thursday, October 2, 2014

Secrecy And Paranoia In Cloudbusting

The BIble says, "The guilty flee when no man persueth". While it is true that paranoiacs sometimes have real enemies too, it is frequently the case that conspiracy theorists think they are being watched or followed when in fact, they are not.

This is shown, for example, when a group operating cloudbusters become convinced they are being watched or followed by some secret government agency. They never take steps to find out if these suspicions are correct, but simply accept them as first stated without any attempt to check up on them.

They then proceed to wrap themselves in such security precautions that their cloudbusting work is severely compromised because they do not make it public so other, possibly more experienced operators, can critique their mistakes. Several wildcat operators I have come in contact with have told me that "anyone doing cloudbusting will be kidnapped and never heard from again". This fantasy ignores the many cloudbuster operators who have freely published their work and have never experienced any problems about it.

A large part of this immaginary supression of cloudbusting is because some poorly informed people, not bothering to study the whole subject, but only skimming the surface of orgonomy, jump to the false conclusion that Reich himself was jailed and perhaps killed, to silence him to enable the US military to keep cloudbusting to itself as a potential weapĆ³n. The plain fact that the reason Reich was jailed was because an agency charged with protecting the public from medical frauds thought the orgone accumulator was one of those frauds is casually dismissed as "establishment propaganda".

But another large part of the complex reasoning behind the rampant paranoia in the field is the high orgone charge that one accumulates just from being in close proximity to an operating cloudbuster over a period of time. The increase of charge in a person's body will often re-activate long-burried emotions and bring them up to the surface of awareness. Some of these emotions, very common ones in this culture, can include a long-forgotten childhood fear of being caught doing something forbidden. When this feeling is recovered, or on the verge of recovery, the emotion can become attached to whatever the person is currently involved in that he can rationalize is going to get him into trouble if he is caught doing it.

We could call it, "Cloudbuster Anxiety". And it is a real and sometimes serious problem when a person who decides to take up cloudbusting feels a need to keep it secret because of a long-buried irrational fear of his parents discovering him masterbating. One of the requirements of both real science and environmentally responsible citizenship is to make public one's activities, allowing constructive criticism and public input that can help avert potentially catastrophic mistakes.

So in the interests of responsibility in the cloudbusting field, it is imperative to debunk conspiracy theories every time they turn up and demand strong evidence from anyone who claims his cloudbusting work has been subjected to threats or harrassment from official agencies of any kind. To the best of my knowledge, nothing of that kind has ever happened. Certainly it has not happened to any of the well-known figures in the field who have published numerous articles, and in some cases, whole books, on their cloudbusting activities and have never suffered any reprisals. 

Official agencies do not engage in petty harrassment and do not make threats other than to prosecute for illegal activities. Why should they, when the laws are on their side? If there was anything illegal or classified about cloudbusting, the response of whatever agency was concerned would be to serve the people engaged in it with a court order to cease and keep silent, not to make illegal threats or subject offenders to petty childish tricks that merely anoy them. 

Numerous cases of secrecy involving nuclear weapons or other military information demonstrate this typical response on the part of officialdom to private citizens leaking classified information. So cloudbuster operators need not fear silly reprisals or being kidnapped. What they should fear, and rightly so, is the inordinate amount of damage they could cause by not being open about their work and seeking advice from others with experience in the field.

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