Thursday, October 2, 2014

Facts And Legends

The facts of orgonomy are at LEAST as well established as the facts that are accepted in every other field of science. In fact, most of them rest on far more evidence, and better quality evidence, than the usually accepted ideas in science do today. The lack of official recognition of those facts is not because of any lack of evidence. It is because of the external "packaging" that came with them, the unconforming personality of Reich, the political, social, and science-fictional baggage that is almost always included in the package, prevents the scientific findings from being accepted. 

As long as it is impossible to bring up bions or cloudbusting in a conversation with a scientist without getting bogged down in pointless digressions about UFOs, Communist plots, military secrets, sex, right-wing political ideologies, psychotherapy, and the personality of a man who has now been dead for two generations, there will never be any serious discussion of orgonomic scientific findings. The life and personality of Reich is too powerful and still overshadows everything he touched. 

That is why I have been devoting so much time to debunking the legendary aspects of orgonomy so the scientific aspects can be seen clearly, without all that irrelevant baggage. It is way past time for orgonomy to forget about Reich and move on. It is the fixation on Reich that prevents orgonomy from going on without him. 

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