Dr. Richard Blasband, formerly President of the American College of Orgonomy, has become a student and admirer of a Russian psychic healer, Nicolai Levashov. This is well-documented on his website :  Team : CenterFor Functional Research     and in several publications. It may therefore be of some interest to those who are influenced by the writings of Wilhelm Reich to read the following quote which is from a book by Levashov which can be downloaded from Levashovs own website:
Download the book – Levashov-7-eng.zip – 847 kB

"Using the accumulated finances, the Israelites slowly, step by step took mass media and, traditionally, entertainments, and invested in scientific discoveries (certainly, only those which were profitable for them). Simultaneously, they penetrated both directly and through their marionettes, the Governmental circles, the systems of national education and culture, and gradually began to destroy national traditions and cultural legacy, imposing on people, primarily on young people, false and primitive norms of conduct, the principles of amorality, unscrupulousness, narcissism and personal egoism through mass media in order to convert people into reasoning animals.
Through mass media and different means of “cultural” education they hammered into teenagers’ heads the idea that the satisfaction of personal physiological needs makes sense of life, that there is no love between man and woman, but only the instinct for reproduction, therefore, there is no need to fill the head with romantic nonsense invented by hypocrites, but simply satisfy physiological needs as required, because it is good for health. Such statements take control of consciousness in young people, who are passing through pubescence and undergoing this natural hormonal attack, and the animal constituent starts prevailing in them. The sexual freedom, which the Israelites impose through mass media, actually means sexual slavery, when a person turns into the slave of his desires. The Israelites begin to destroy the institution of family, which is the foundation of any socio-economic system of any state, by the destruction of morals."
 ---------Nicolai Levashov
Even aside from the blatant anti-semitism, it is hard to imagine anything more anathema to the principals Reich esposed and fought for all his life. One can only wonder at the rationalizations required to reconcile this rubbish by Levashov with the writings of Wilhelm Reich.  
Equally inexplicable, is the fact that so many Reichians still continue to associate themselves with Dr. Blasband. He has in recent years lectured at conferences organized by Dr. James DeMeo, and in Berlin, where his lecture tours have been organized and facilitated by some well-known Reichians there.
This association raises some questions about those who are enablers of  Dr. Blasband.
Or, to be charitable, perhaps they simply have not done their homework and were not aware of this teaching by Levashov which is apparently accepted without criticism or reservation by Dr. Blasband. If so, they may see fit to distance themselves from him if it is brought to their attention. 
 Please forward this message to Dr. James Demeo and anyone else whom you know to be an enabler of Dr. Blasband and ask why a follower of Levashov, in the light of this quotation,  is considered acceptable in orgonomic circles.