Thursday, October 2, 2014

UFOs And Orgonomy

 I have nothing to add to all that has been published over the last 65 years on UFOs. For all I know there might be several extraterrestrials on this list, reading everything I write. If so, I hope they will speak up and tell us all about their planet. But I have frequently stated, and will repeat, that the lights Reich and his crew saw in the night sky were probably an orgone lumination effect, not UFOs. And if that interpetation is correct, there is no connection between orgonomy and UFOs, regardless of if UFOs exist or whatever they may be. 

The late Jerome Eden was really great as a cloudbuster operator. He had a good feel for orgone energy and understood it well. He wrote a fantastic book on cloudbusting. It is the best book ever written in the field. He taught a course on cloudbusting that was very good. And his awareness of DOR and Oranur effects on the atmosphere and on health was profound. In those fields, I agree with what he wrote 100%. 

But he was also very far to the right when it came to politics. He bought into the whole McCarthy Era notion of communists under every bed and spies infiltrating government agencies. And he bought the claim by Reich that it was Soviet influence that brought about Reich's downfall. And it was impossible to work with him or remain on good terms with him if one did not agree. 

And he was also so far caught up in the UFO business that it was the main focus of more of his writings than orgonomy was. That was unfortunate. Orgonomy could have used more writings by him on the science he knew and understood so well. Instead, what we got was a long list of writings on UFOs, none of which says anything usefull to us today. 

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