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Comments On Cloudbusting In Madagascar

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Dear Roberto Maglione,
Thank you for sending me the information on the upcoming conference. I shall not be able to attend, but I found the linked article
Roberto Maglione - Restoring Natural Atmospheric Pulsation in Northwestern Madagascar with the Reich Cloudbuster - Bio and Abstract – Full Paper
on your cloudbusting expedition to Madagascar very interesting. I have a few comments and I hope you will take them in the spirit of constructive criticism in which they are offered.
( 1 ) Your stated purpose in publishing this article is to " verify" or "validate" the claims made by Reich regarding the effectiveness of the cloudbuster. But no article can be considered a scientific report or will be accepted as having any value as evidence by scientists unless it includes sufficient details of the experiment to allow independent replication. You give no such details. You say nothing of what direction the cloudbuster was pointed, at what angle of elevation, for how long, at what time of day, or by what criteria any of these factors were selected. Without such information this cannot be considered a scientific report and will not be so regarded by scientists.
In fact, other than those by Reich, no article on cloudbusting has yet been published that fulfills this essential requirement for being taken seriously by the scientific community. I am, of course, aware of the argument that the information needed to replicate cloudbusting successes should be witheld to discourage independent operation, but while I agree with the intent, the fact remains that unless such details are included, no article on cloudbusting will ever be considered a scientific publication by the mainstream scientific world.
( 2 ) Of the authors you cite as prior publication, none is a trained professional expert in any relevant field, and one, DeMeo, whose doctoral-level work was in cultural anthropology, not meteorology or atmospheric physics, has been known to fraudulently claim credentials he does not in fact possess, which seriously undermines his credibility. You would have done better to cite the excellent confirmation of Reich by Charles Kelley, who was a trained meteorologist with years professional experience in weather forecasting.
( 3 ) Your observation that DOR-removal reduced the number of cyclones is, as you say, a significant new finding. However it is predictable from the orgonomic theory, which holds that strong, circulatory storms are a self-clensing mechanism by which the atmosphere tries to rid itself of DOR. So your observation is a confirmation of a claim first made by Reich in Contact With Space, published in 1957.
 However, draining off DOR with a single cloudbuster is not likely to be as fully effective as the vast, powerful sweeping motion of a cyclone would be, and any residue left behind could remain to add to the total DOR burden next year, so further cloudbuster work might still be required. If that should prove true, DOR-removal with a cloudbuster might be counter-productive in the long run by preventing the strong storms that might do a better job of solving the problem in a more complete way.
But even if the short-term advantages of breaking a drought outweigh the long-term risks of preventing storm formation, these strong circulating systems are vital in many other ways to oceanic and coastal ecosystems. I urge caution in spreading the information around that cloudbusters can prevent cyclones; some people who are ignorant of the vital role of tropical storms might think cyclones SHOULD be prevented, when in fact, the exact opposite is true.
( 4 ) You are quite right to attribute the drought to build-up of DOR, but DOR itself has a cause. While it is true that droughts have occured for ages and a certain amount of DOR is a normal stage in atmospheric energy metabolism, and it is also true that there is a generalized increase in DOR globally, with weather effects all over the world, the most important local factor in the Indian Ocean Basin is the large stockpile of armed nuclear weapons at the secretive American Navy base on the British-owned island of Diego Garcia. Since the evil American militarist regime moved these weapons there at the start of the invasion of Iraq to assert American imperialist hegemony , the effects on weather all around the rim of the Indian Ocean have been noticeable on weather maps.
While some of the worst effects can be mitigated by DOR-removal with a cloudbuster, to really solve the problem, C.OR. E. operations could and should be conducted to disable these weapons, as Reich demonstrated is possible. That would not only solve the problem of recurrent droughts in a more lasting manner, but would also thwart the efforts by the American fascistic dictatorship to threaten the lives and safety of the entire population of those countries in the region.
Joel Carlinsky

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