Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Trevor Constable Story

In 1969-1972, Trevor Constable was employed by the ACO as their West Coast cloudbuster operator, doing many orops under ACO auspices, with their funding. He was nominally under Blasbands supervision, and was helped by a woman named Mary Poe, who was in therapy with Dr. Albert Duvall.
On one occasion, while Blasband was visiting, Constable did an operation to demonstrate a new cloudbusting technique he had developed. The success of the operation was documented by the news report next day: Storm Hikes State Death Toll To 67 on Rain-slicked Freeways.
On another occcasion, one of his orops was similiarly documented by a news headline: 9-year-old Boy Swept Out To Sea By Sudden, Unexpected Storm. Both of these news headlines were known to Blasband at the time, but there is no record that he ever raised any objection to this murder by cloudbuster with ACO funding and suport.
When I met Constable, in Dec., 1971, he told me Reich was not the real inventor of the cloudbuster, he was a re-incarnated Atlantean who remembered how the Atlanteans had used cloudbusters. He told me the cloudbuster used by the Atlanteans was exactly the same design, and they had fought a war with them which sank Atlantis. When I asked how he knew all this, he Said, "I'm clairvoyant".
Constable told me he was an ocultist, urged me to read Rudolph Steiner, and said Reich was "blocked against mysticism". More to the point, he also said the way to convince people cloudbusting worked was to go for breaking the rainfall record everytime he operated. He said he was going to "bring storms into Los Angeles that would turn the place inside out".
Later, when I obtained documentation in the form of a letter in which he said the exact same thing, I showed the letter to Jerome Eden, who got very excited and sent it to Ellsworth Baker. The ACO had an emergency Board of Directors meeting and Constable was fired, but over the strong objections of Blasband, who argued that Constable did good work. Baker told me a short time after that, "I'm worried about Dr. Blasband".
Constable, according to his book, Loom of the Future, had been a campaign worker for the 1968 presidential campaign of George Walace, who ran on a racial segegation platform. That, along with his mysticism, was known to Blasband at the time.
Constable had formed a bad impression of me when I visted him because a Black friend of mine, Larry Diggs, a well-known San Francisco disk jockey, had gone along with me to see him. Constable was friendly and polite, but afterwards sent a letter to several orgonomists warning them I was "associating with Black magicians".
Mary Poe has told me that Constable had figured out how to direct a lightning strike with a cloudbuster and had demonstrated the technique. A short time later, when she had an argument with Constable and quit as his assistant, there was a tremendous unforecast thunderstorm that night, with numerous lightning strikes right near her home and none anywhere else. She is convinced he was trying to kill her. Since I have tested out the technique and confirmed that it works, I am inclined to believe her.
At the time Constable got fired from by the ACO, Blasband offered to resign from the ACO and go into the commercial cloudbusting business with him, but Constable told him to stay with the ACO so he could keep Constable informed of what the ACO was doing. In other words, Blasband was to become a spy in the ACO for Constable.
Blasband was angry at me for blowing the whistle on his friend, and when I asked him why he had not, as an orgonomist, considered Constables mysticism pathological, he said that Constable does good work and I was a biggot to hold the mans religion against him. It is not surprising that Blasband later became involved with another mystical guru, Levashov, and has come to believe in a mystical theory of the functioning of the cloudbuster instead of the orgonomic theory of Reich.
 That a mystical.minded person like Constable could be accepted by the ACO as fit to do cloudbusting is enough to raise questions about their competence as psychiatrists in itself, but that they had accepted for a highly responsible position, a position in which the lives of unsuspecting members of the public could be put at risk, a man who had worked for the election of a presidential candiate whose main issue was racial segregation, says all I need to know about the ACO. One must be very far to the right indeed to consider racism a respectable political position.
At the time, I was told by Ellsworth Baker that the next issue of the Journal of Orgonomy would contain an article explaining why Trevor Constable was no longer working for them. I am still waiting for that article. The ACO has never formally repudiated Constable, leaving people who do not have access to personal conversations with insiders to assume he is still connected with the ACO.

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    They think something that make people felt pressure, felt nausea, felt almost throw up is a good thing.