Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Politics Of The ACO

Regarding the politics of the ACO: The Journal of Orgonomy published numerous articles of a political nature over the years. If you have a full set, look up anything by Paul Mathews or John Bell, for example. The far-right pseudoReichian rationalizations for the status quo are painfully obvious. They used Reich's McCarthy-era anti-Soviet Union writings as an excuse to label honest concerned citizens doing what they are suposed to do in a democracy, namely, protesting against government actions they objected to, with pseudopsychiatric labels denoting mental illness. For psychiatrists, this is unconscionable.
The involvement of several orgonomists with the Knights of Malta, a Roman Catholic Church organization, was written up in the Journal of Orgonomy. Ellsworth Baker could hardly find words enough in the English language to sufficiently praise this organization. For several years after they received those "honorary knighthoods" He, his son, Courtney, and Blasband used the intitials OSJ, for Order of Saint John, after their M.D. degrees in signing their Journal articles.
The information on Charles Pitchel, who was head of the KOM at the time, is available on the internet. He was appointed Hitlers personal representative in America in the 1930s after he wrote to Hitler and asked for the job.

Blasband's later involvement with Nikolai Levishov, a vehemently anti-Semetic Russian psychic, can be confirmed by several letters he had written to the media defending Levishov. The mystical claim of the cloudbuster being a psychic device is in his last article in the Journal of Orgonomy. I was told by an M.D. that he had been advised by Blasband to send his difficult patients to Levishov.
The late Dr. Barbara Koopman, another former president of the ACO, who left it at the same time as Blasband, had a website promoting Levishov. She and Blasband have lectured together at various West Coast venues.

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