Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Conspiracy Theories

Real conspiracies do exist. But there is a difference between seeing one that is really there and seeing them everywhere without any evidence. The tendency to become convinced of a conspiracy without actual evidence is due to having, as a small child, not ever having found out, at least not in a manner one could process, what Daddy and Mommy were doing in the bedroom with the door closed. 

That childhood experience can cause one, years later, as an adult, to see everything in terms of Big People, doing Something Bad in Secret. The childhood experience gets projected onto other Big People who hold Great Power, usually the government, but also sometimes the Church, a hidden cabal of a distrusted minority group such as Jews or Muslims, or agents of a feared enemy nation. 

The distribution of conspiracy theories is not equal among the population. It is most common on the right of the political spectrum because that is where the most sexual repression is found, so that is where there are more adults who were never able to discover what Daddy and Mommy were doing, or rather, were never able, later, when they reached puberty and should have been able to  figure it out, could not assimilate the information and admit that was something Daddy and Mommy would do. 

In recent years, as the feelings of helplessness in the face of authority figures with overwhelming power over the lives of helpless individuals has grown, more and more people are reverting to a childhood state of helplessness and dependency. And along with that revival of early feelings come the conviction that Big People are Up To Something Bad in Secret. One resultr of this reverting to childhood feelings of helplessness against these Big People is to see conspiracies by the Government everywhere. 

But in almost all cases, it is only the particular conspiracies of the usual populist conspiracy-theoory movement that become popular enough for most people to believe them. There are any number of websites about HAARP, Chemtrails, and UFO cover-ups, but none on real, well-documented conspiracies like police cars that carry throw-down guns or FBI agents allowing gangsters like Whitey Bulgar to kill hundreds of people over decades in exchange for information on his competition. 

And it is usually the same people who get interested in the official populist conspiracy theory movement who, if they become interested in orgonomy, fall into the official version of orgonomy, the Communist Agents Were Out To Get Reich version, or one of it's varients, the Air Force Was Trying To Cover Up The Cloudbuster version, or the CIA Was Trying To Hide Reich's Discoveries version, or whatever other version fits in with their childhood feelings of some Big People doing Something Bad in Secret. 

To be credible, a claim of a conspiracy must have evidence. and so far, there is no evidence that Reich was ever the victim of anything other than normal law enforcement procedures and died a natural death under the stress of imprisonment. 

May I suggest that one reason for the suspicion that he was murdered held by so many of his following was that they could not bring themselves to admit that their savior, Reich,. could have suffered from a biopathic disease and died of natural causes. They had to consider him perfect and to admit that he was not perfect would have been unbearable to them. 

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