Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Future Of Orgonomy

DeMeo is now in his 60s, close to normal retirement age, so he is in the twilight of his career and so far has not yet set up anything like a organization to carry on after him. When he dies there will be nothing left of his life work except stuff on the internet. If he was not such an egotist he would have long since formed an organization and have been training successors. In this, as in all things, he is following in the tracks of his master and copying Reich's mistakes.

 He also has not really accomplished anything much towards his life-long goal of rehabilitating Reich's reputation and making orgonomy respectable. The vast majority of the public has never even heard of Reich and most of those who have, especially those with the most education, and most especially those with training in science or medicine, think Reich was a crackpot and orgone the sick fantasy of a sexual pervert who tried to sell it as a fake cancer cure. That image is not going to change no matter how many books DeMeo writes saying otherwise. And there is ZERO chance of the orthodox scientific community ever accepting orgone, bions, cloudbusting, etc. no matter what evidence is submitted. It is just too different from the direction of modern science. 

So, looking ahead 50 years to the state of orgonomy at that time, all I can see to expect is more of what we see today. Some pseudo-organization like the ACO may still exist, but will be relatively unknown to the general public. A small handful of therapists will be doing Reichian therapy on a small number of wealthy patients, a few dedicated advocates insisting orgone is real and Reich was a scientist, a large number of idiots playing with cloudbusters in their backyards and causing atmospheric chaos, and a small underground sub-culture of conspiracy theorists, cranks, mystical types and paranoids who think there was some secret plot to silence Reich and the government is secretly controlling the weather. By that time the story of Reich's life will probably have morphed out of all recognition and more elements may have been added that we cannot foresee now. 

And the state of the world will not be any different from what it would have been if Reich had never existed except for the environmental damage done by ignorant cloudbuster operators playing with the toy Reich invented for them. That will be the most important legacy of Reich, a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of any fool with a few hundred dollars to spend on a cheap simple gadget that gives anyone the power to ruin a sizable chunk of the planet and kill thousands of unsuspecting people who have no idea their floods and droughts were caused by anyone. 

So if anyone remembers Reich as anything other than a crackpot selling fake cancer cures in another 50 years, it will be as the inventor of a means of mass murder. 

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