Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Values In Science

There is no such thing as a "value-free" science. Any scientific theory grows out of a culture and carries with it the values of that culrure. Orgonomy carries the valuses of Reich and his times and place, including socialist values, even when co-opted by the ACO. And Chinese medicine carries the values of the armored culture that created it, even when adopted by western liberals who do not intend to harm wildlife.

Even the most conservative Reichians attract attention to the leftist social thinking of Reich, and even the best-intentioned Greens, by endorsing Chinese traditional medicines, unintentionally bolster the slaughter of African wildlife, even if what they think they are doing is helping sick people get well.

 Reich pointed out that a mystic is always brutal, not just a few who fail to live up to the high ideals of whatever doctrine they happen to believe in, but because all mystics, regardless of details of their particular doctrine, tend to brutality because of the psychology of mysticism. The problem is not in the particular doctrine; it is built into the basics of the system  and cannot be avoided.

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