Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wishful Thinking

This article:

is about another of the countless alleged "free energy" inventions that so fascinate the pseudoscientific "free energy" subculture. But the wishful thinking trap that it expresses is a common falacy in orgonomic circles as well. Many people who are favorably impressed by orgonomy fall into the trap of thinking that "if only" orgonomy was accepted, the world would be so much better off. 

That theory depends on the belief in humans being rational. The environmental problems the world faces today are not caused by "lack of energy sources", or by "not enough resources". They are caused by human irrationality. Sicknesses are not caused by "lack of proper medical treatments", but by a culture that produces illnesses en mass. Unless that problem of human irrationality is solved, nothing will help. And most attempts to help will make things worse because they will be used irrationally by irrational people who want to do irrational things. . 

The article proposes "turning deserts into farmlands" as a benefit of free energy. This is a common error made by those who find out about cloudbusting and come to the same conclusion. No mention is made of the needs of desert wildlife. No mention is made of the need to restrain the runaway population growth that makes increased farmland seem needed and would still remain a serious problem that would still have to be soilved because the human ecological footprint on this planet is so much bigger trhan mere pollution and food production account for.

 No mention is made of the vast environmental damage that would be done by bringing increased prosperity to large numbers of people in poorer parts of the world. This issue has come up recently, as increasing prosperity in China has outpaced education, giving millions of ignorant superstitious Chinese peasants the ability to indulge in crackpot traditional folk medicines that utilized parts from endangered species, without giving them the modern education to realize these traditional remedies are quackery and have no scientific basis, resulting in a massive demand that that is driving many species to extinction worldwide. 

Some people think "if only" the medical profession would start to use the orgone accumulator, millions of lives could be saved. But those same people say nothing of the fact that most of those victims would not ever have gotten sick in the first place if not for the things their society did to them. That long list includes drinking alcohol, eating sugar, smoking tobaco, watching television, and irresponsibly pushing religions that advocate abstaining from sex during adolescence. 

 It is not better medical treatments that are needed, it is less deliberate social pressure to do things that make people sick. But the huge economic interests involved in the production of illness-producing substances like coffee, tea, sugar, tobaco, and alcohol, to say nothing of the power of the religions that rant against teen-age sex, prevent even any serious public debate on the real public health issues and all the attention is misdirected to the comparatively trivial non-issue of how to pay for treating the victims of the social and economic interests that cause them to get sick. 

People who see orgonomic methods, such as cloudbusting, or energy-based medicine as solutions that could be grafted onto the currently-existing irrational culture are fooling themselves. Just as much as the equally well-intentioned crackpots in the free energy scene. 

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