Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift happens when, (A) A large enough number of new facts have accumulated that cannot be accounted for by the old paradigm AND, (B) A new theory is proposed that can account for them and also can account for the previous collection of facts.  That happened in the 1940s when (A) a large number of new observations were made that could not be explained by the previous theories, and (B) the orgone theory was developed to account for them. 

How many people are aware of the newly observed facts and how many people are aware of the theory that can explain them is not relevant. The orgone theory replaced the previous theories in science more than two generations ago, and if there is anyone who does not know that, it is because he is not well-informed about science. 

Anything that has been done in non-orgonomic scientific research since the early 1940s when the orgonomic paradigm replaced the previous one is on a level with improvements in the Ptolomaeic system of astronomy. Since the early 40s all real science has been based on the orgone theory, which has now been around long enough to have withstood the test of time and until it is superceeded by some other theory that can better explain the many observations on which it is based will remain the only valid one. 
Science is not a democracy. It does not reach a decision by counting votes, but by looking at the evidence. If the evidence is against the majority, then the majority is wrong and that is all there is to it. A majority can be wrong, you know,. The opinions of a majority do not count. What counts in science is what the EVIDENCE shows, not how many people think one way as opposed to another. Citing the numbers of scientists who think one theory is correct does not prove anything except that most people, growing up in a society that is taught in school and, as adults, by the media attention given to elections, that voting is the way to decide things, have no idea how science works. 

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