Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Jerry Decker Vs. The Earth---Again

Well, Jerry Decker is at it again. This time he has posted on his Keelynet website an article from a British newspaper advocating building 78,000 giant turbines along the East Coast of North America to slow down
hurricanes and prevent them from doing all the "damage" Jerry thinks they do.  

Of course this stupid plot would not work. It is only the usual grant-time application based on a computer simulation, not on real life science. The object of these computer simulations by so-called "scientists" is to get grants for futher study. And nobody is going to be a rush to pay for building 78,000 of anything. 

But the fact that Jerry thinks this idea is worth reporting shows something about his mind-set. Jerry is a techno-freak, always wanting to set aside the laws of nature and impose his will on the processes nature has evolved over ages without Jerry being there to control things. 

Hurricanes do not do "damage". What they do is open up openings in the forest canopy to allow sunlight to reach the understory vegetation so seedlings can grow and replace the big trees that keep them too shaded to get a start. In addition to trhjis vital service, other, smaller types of plants are also only able to exist in areas where there are gaps in the canopy. And these smaller plants are imortant sources of food and shelter for numerous species of animal life that could not live in a forest consisting of nothing but large trees alone. 

So anyone who wants to see a reduction in hurricanes is a person who wants to see many species go extinct and the forest itself to eventually die when the existing generation of trees dies and there is no younger generation to take their places because seedlings could not get a start.

And Jerry knows this. He knows it because I have written on this topic many times and he eagerly reads anything I write, looking for something he can blast me for. 

So Jerry is not able to plead ignorance about the vital need for
hurricanes. He is intentionally trying to sabotage the life-support mechanisms of the earth and willingly advocating vandalizing the ability of the earth to regenerate after the end of the Human Age. 

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