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If any evidence is needed to illustrate how far to the right the field of orgonomy has drifted since Reich's time, the association between prominent orgonomists and neo-Nazis should suffice. The letter below was originally sent several years ago. The issue it discusses still needs to be addressed. 

On Mar 28, 2010, at 8:29 AM, joel carlinsky wrote:

In his latest post to his mailing list, Dr. James DeMeo, in a criticism of former Beetle, Paul McCartney, places quotation marks around the title, Sir, Thus: "Sir", indicating that he does not think the title is real. McCartney has a real title, of course, as the whole world knows. If he deserves the honor or not, or if a title given by the Queen of England is a worthwhile honor or not is beside the point; he really has it, for whatever it may be worth.
Not so "Sir" Richard Blasband, "Sir" Courtney Baker, and the late "Sir" Ellsworth Baker, all of whom had honorary knighthoods granted by the late Charles Pitchel, leader of the Schikshinney Knights Of Malta, a former Nazi, information about  whose far-right organization can be found in this article: The Lighthouse Report 
In the early 1970s, an editorial in the Journal of Orgonomy, written by Ellsworth Baker, announced that the College Of Orgonomy was greatly honored to be granted such titles and welcomed the Knights Of Malta as fellow.workers for the betterment of humanity. The English language was hardly sufficient for the praises heaped on this organization by Dr. Baker. For the next several years, articles in that journal by any of those medical orgonomists proudly included the intitials "OSJ", for Order of St. John, the formal name of the Knights of Malta, right along with their M.D. titles.
In fact, at one point in the late 1970s, Dr. Blasband, oops! I mean "Sir" Richard Blasband, even considered going into a cloudbusting venture with Charles Pitchel, former admirer of Adolf Hitler. And in a letter discussing the subject, addressed the former Nazi as "My Dear Brother Knight".
 Dr."Sir" Richard Blasband has frequently been a speaker at conferences put on by DeMeo, and has taught at his summer courses in Ashland, Oregon. If Dr. DeMeo is seriously concerned about the legitimacy of titles confered, he might do well to start with a long hard look at those of some of his associates.

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