Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fascist Fan Club

Peter Nasselstein is pretty far to the right himself, and the lunatic fringe of the right at that. But he sure does good research! And his noticing that all the people who have endorsed the books of leading orgonomist Dr. Charles Konia are on the far right and finding some background on them is a good job of investigative reporting. 

Now, when a follower of a man who was convicted of contempt of court, who died in Federal prison, who originally made his reputation advocating sexual freedom for teenagers, and illegally refered teenaged girls to illegal abortionists, a man who lived under an assumed name in Wahington, D.C, for months, who habitually carried a gun to defend himself against federal agents in case of arrest, who ordered his employeees to carry firearms for that same reason, and who wrote insightfully about the psychological motives for religion and racism and casually invited a black employeee to eat with him and his family is endorsed by an ex-cop who made national news because of his racism, gets rave reviews from a police organization journal, and is praised by so many members of a hard-line law-and-order party that advocates tax funding for religion, and is strongly anti-abortion, anti-adolescent sex, and passed laws to prevent privacy by requiring foolproof identification for every trip or transaction, one must conclude that orgonomy, or at least the portion of it represented by Dr. Konia, has truly been born again and no longer is what it was when Reich was alive. 

Reich would not recognize ( this faction of ) orgonomy now. 


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