Tuesday, March 11, 2014


There is so much misinformation going around on this subject that the first step has to be to get rid of all the things you already know that are just not so. 

Reich was not jailed for anything to do with cloudbusting. He was not the victim of a communist plot. He was not murdered in jail. There was no government interest in his cloudbusting work. There is no military cloudbusting program. The Soviet Union never paid any attention to him. 

HAARP is not a weather control device, it does not cause earthquakes. It is not a weapon system. It is nothing but a scam to rip off money for the ARCO company. 

Nobody is spraying any chemicals out of airplanes. Geo-engineering is a research proposal, not something already being done. Cloudseeding does not work, so nobody is doing it anymore. 

Greenhouse gases from burning fuel has no effect on the climate. High-altitude airplanes do not cause cirrus clouds and do not affect weather. Global warming is a myth. It is based on theory, not observation and should not be taken seriously. 

There is no such thing as orgonite. There is no such thing as a chembuster. There are no internet discussion forums on cloudbusting. There are websites giving information on how to build a cloudbuster, but there is no information on-line on what to do with one after you have built it. 

There have been no improvements in cloudbuster design since Reich, There is only one way to build a cloudbuster and any other way is wrong. 

There are no UFOs. Cloudbusters have nothing to do with any psychic abilities or intent of the operator. They work the way Reich said they do, not any other way.

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