Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Research Proposal

People are always saying there should be some more actual experimenting done, but laboratory equipment is expensive and most people do not have the training and experience to use it even if they had it. To set up a laboratory to do experiments also requires a place for it, and that too costs money. To conduct a properly-done cloudbusting expedition is also very expensive, requiring not only cloudbusters, but vehicles, fuel, traveling expenses, data-monitoring equipment, etc., and in many countries, bribes to officials to be allowed to operate there, which is one of the reasons most of the work in that field has not been done properly. 

But there are some forms of scientific study and testing of ideas that could be done by almost anyone, with no training required, at almost no cost. Only a computer, which most of us here have access to, and an elementary knowledge of statistics would be needed for the study outlined below. It could easily be done at no cost and would yield the first ever solid statistical confirmation of any hypothesis by Reich.

So, I propose that this become a project of this group. If we all work together on writing a good questionaire and getting people to answer it, in a few months we can have an article in publishable form that would present to the outside world for the first time ever some solid evidence for one of the most important claims made by orgonomy.

First step: A standard psychological profile questionnaire would be used to establish a numerical average score for the general population regarding the criteria agreed upon for a healthy personality in Reichian terms.
Second: a sufficient number of persons who have undergone Reichian therapy would be asked to answer the questions and their scores would be compared to the scores of the general population.
The result should be a numerically objective elaluation of Reichian therapy as a method for producing the agreed-upon desired results.

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