Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I know of one case of a person who intentionally subjected himself to massive orgonotic overcharge to see what would happen. He slept on an orgone mattress, wore an orgone jacket and hat, and sat in a strong accumulator for hours every day. After a week he flipped out and had to be hospitalized until the charge wore off. 

In another case, a well-known orgonomist, Dr. Richard Blasband, while holding a medical DOR buster aimed at a patient, absorbed the energy being drawn from the patient and became schitzophrenic for about an hour. ( Source: Dr. Eva Reich. ) Dr. Blasband subsequently became a follower of a vehemently anti-Semitic Russian guru who claimed psychic powers, clearly illustrating his mystical inclinations. 

I myself, while storing a small, strong accumulator under my bed, became noticeably irritable and tense. These symptoms ended when the accumulator was moved to another building. 

According to the late Mary Lee Poe, when she was assistant to Trevor Constable in his cloudbusting work, he was acting "inflated" and "bombastic" after each operation. She concluded that standing too near an operating cloudbuster can affect one's mental state. Constable is well-known to be subject to mysticism, being seriously comitted to the Anthroposophy cult, and suffers from delusions, claiming to have psychic visions of ancient cloudbusters in Atlantis, for example. . 

Another notorious cloudbuster game-player, who delights in vandalizing the atmosphere while rationalizing his blunders as "scientific research", is Dr. James DeMeo, who is not inclined to mysticism, but clamps down on the overcharge and tends to authoritarianism, rigidity, and rationalized hostility channeled into anti-Islamic polemics. 

Each person reacts differently to overcharge according to individual predisposition, but regardless of the individual symptoms, the conclusion must be that orgone energy overcharge is a danger to mental health, possibly as much so as any drug, but the internet abounds with detailed instructions on how to construct an orgone accumulator or a cloudbuster, and there are numerous websites offering them for sale. One can only wonder how many of the crazies playing with cloudbusters are being driven into insanity by orgone energy excess.

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