There are plenty of websites on orgonomy, including several by orgonomists, but they all seem to only offer the same basic introductory story of 
What is orgonomy? , 
Who started orgonomy?, 
What happened to him?, 
advertising for psychiatric treatments that most people are not interested in and cannot afford, 
childrearing sermons that concern only prospective parents, 
sample information on a lot of subjects hardly anybody cares about, such as medicine, microbiology, physics, psychiatric treatment, political opinions, 
and social commentary by orgonomists on topics in the news. 

None of them offers any information of real use to most people. And they are all aimed at adults. Adults usually already have fixed ideas on most things and seldom change them. Reich knew this. He constantly advised his followers to forget about treating already sick, damaged, and warped adults and concentrate on reaching relatively unspoiled young people. But nobody in orgonomy today is following Reich's advice. So here is a suggestion:

Somebody ought to set up an orgonomic website aimed at teenagers and directed specifically at their concerns. 

It would give good acurate and comprehensive information on contraception, how to avoid sexually transmitted diseases, and feature articles by orgonomists explaining why sex is important to your mental and physical health and should be considered a fundamental human right. 

It could include information on the laws in each state on abortion, where parental consent is required, and where it is not, so a pregnant teenager could know where to travel for an abortion if her parents would not give her permission. Addresses of clinics that offer abortion services could be included. 

It would tell where it is legal for a teenager to get a prescription for birth control without parental consent. 

It would explain why the churches are so against young people having sex and how they benefit from tricking them into celibacy. It would explain the connection between adolescent celibacy and poor relationships with the other sex later in life, and why sex in the early years after puberty is important as a rehersal for later relationships. 

The close connection between sexual starvation and fascism, religion, and mental illness would be explained. 

It would give references to scientific studies showing that sex is important for health, information on herbal and other natural forms of birth control, and articles by anthropologists on how adolescent sexuality is handled by other cultures. 

It could also feature a discussion forum where adolescents could get social re-inforcement for their feelings on the subject and find support networks of others their own age, and a question and answer section where an orgonomist would answer questions. 

A project like this would cost nothing to set up and there must be several orgonomists who would be willing to take part. With at least one medical doctor involved and all information medically acurate, there would be no legal problems in presenting such a website. 

And any howls of anguish from conservatives and religious groups would only give the website more publicity. 

With the international reach of the internet, the website could be international in scope and could be presented in several languages. 

As far as I know, there is no project like this on the internet. There should be. If Reich was still alive, there would be. It is an update on what he did in Germany in the 30s. And there is still a need for it today, especially in America, which is in the grip of a Christian-Fascist movement.  

A project like this would need at least one medical doctor on board and a lawyer to insure against attempts at censorship. Doctors and lawyers would be asked to volunteer. 

Anyone interested? If you are, please send me some feedback. 

Please forward this message to any orgonomists or Reich-oriented groups you know.