Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weather Control

Weather control is like emotional armoring. It is the usual way of the rigidly neurotic person, a person who defends himself strongly against a perceived dangerous world,  to think any problem is caused by things being "out of control" and that controlling them would make the problem go away. Actually, the exact reverse is true.
The neurotic person who habitually controls his breathing, for example, is having physical and emotional problems because of that control and if he could STOP controlling it, the problems would be over. The habitual compulsive controlling of the breath is the reason there are problems.
The normal atmosphere, functioning without human intervention, is the one we grew up in, the environment we developed in for millions of years, and are best adapted to live in. It is therefore the condition in which we are safest.
The most important atmospheric danger at the present time is that the atmosphere no longer is being left alone to regulate itself without human input. It is being affected by modern nuclear and electromagnetic technologies. It is being damaged, disrupted, and destroyed by these modern technologies. And adding yet another layer of even MORE modern technological intervention to the already sick, injured, and dying atmosphere will not help anything. It will just speed up the process of killing what is left of the atmospheric BIOLOGICAL energy.

And that word, biological, is the key factor. The energetic continuum that drives the atmosphere is composed of the same energy that the living organism derives it`s specifically biological characteristics from. The atmosphere behaves like a living organism would under the same conditions because it is energetically the same. 
Like the patient whose relatively mild initial problems are made worse by too much medication, the atmosphere needs to be relieved of the constant burden of human intervention so it can recover and function normally again at it´s own pace, not at a pace determined by humans and what they are doing to it.
The authoritarian personality cannot see any good in anything functioning freely without being controlled by someone. They feel threatened by the freedom of children, animals, and societies. They feel that anything not under control is a danger. And in this case, the atmosphere is the intended victim of their control-freak mentality. These people want to control the weather because it frightens them to not have power over everything around them, both natural and human.
It is no accident that the same people who get interested in controlling the weather are the ones who are on the far right of the political spectrum in other fields as well. For example, they are very likely to be free-energy advocates, thinking that finding some new power source, such a motor that runs on the ether, will solve all environmental problems.
This fallacy is standard in the alternative science movement, which is a right-wing movement that ignores all the other types of environmental problems, especially the really BIG one of over-population, and tries to claim all environmental issues can be solved by discovering a new power source without the cultural pain of changing religious beliefs that encourage over-population, social customs that assume the earth exists for the benefit of humans and that everything can be measured in economic terms, and life-styles that depend on industrialism and modern technology.

It is no accident that the "alternative science" movement, the so-called "free-energy" movement, is filled with individuals who also trumpet their belief in a "god" and advocate "patriotism", two forms of authoritarian sentiments that are very common among those who enjoy the fantasy of being able to "control the weather". Authoritarian mystical religions, authoritarian political ideologies, and the authoritarian desire to control nature are all at root the same thing, and are based on a world-view that fears freedom. 
The job of the environmental movement is to stand in the way of this so-called "progress" and stop this destructive intervention before the atmosphere is totally killed by these authoritarian technology-freaks and their shinny new toys.
Nearly ANY electromagnetic device can have harmful effects on the weather. And given that the control-freaks do not see that these effects ARE harmful, they will celebrate them as a wonderful scientific breakthrough in "weather control" instead of seeing that what they have found is really another way of DAMAGING the weather.
So it is possible that some device or other may indeed have an effect on local weather conditions, though almost certainly, not a good one.
 We may have to get used to "democracy" in the field of "weather control"-a democracy in which everyone who wants to control the weather can do so for a few dollars from their backyard.

Such a "democracy" in the field of weather control would rather quickly result in so much atmospheric chaos that agriculture on any large scale would soon become impossible over most of this planet, as the atmosphere received conflicting inputs from numerous sources with differing and often incompatible agendas. 
In which case, the best thing we can hope for is that civilization collapses and most of these backyard weather-control hobbyists get killed off in the fighting over what is left in the supermarkets before it is too late for the atmospheric life energy to recover from the damage they will do to it.

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