Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Is This The Orgasm Reflex?

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In exploring the possible role of oxytocin in the transference experienced in orgone therapy, I came across another possibile connection. According to research findings, oxytocin can also stimulate what is called "lordosis behavior". 

The descriptions of this are nearly identical to what Reich refered to as the "orgasm reflex" and considered the goal of therapy. 

So it would now appear the orgasm reflex is triggered by the secretion of oxytocin, the same chemical that results in the extreme transference of the patient to the therapist and which explains the frequently life-long emotional dependence on the therap√¨st that so often occurs in orgone therapy. 

Reich thought the orgagsm reflex was due to simple removal of obstructions that were preventing it from occuring, and that it represented a fundamental natural behavior that would happen anytime the blocks that were preventing it were removed. It is usually thought that the reflex is only obtained towards the end of therapy, and that it is an indication the treatment has been effective. But there is now plenty of solid research that shows it can be initiated by a secretion of oxytocin, and by no coincidence, this happens to be the same chemical that brings about the transference relationship between patient and therapist upon which success in therapy is said to depend. 

This further bolsters my contention that orgone therapy is more a matter of deep breathing and other practices that stimulate production of oxytocin than of any theraputic potential of the techniques. 

And the fact that so many medical doctors have apparently failed to recognize this over the now more than three generations in which orgone therapy has been promoted shows how strong their own indoctrination in the psychological paradigm has been. 

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