Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Conferences On Orgonomy

The decline in activity on the Reichian discussion lists is mainly due to the breakdown in civility that resulted from the attempts of certain people to control the lists. But also it is partly due to the increasing re-definition of orgonomy from a field of science to a conglomeration of conspiracy theories, political agendas, and personality cult that turns off many people who come across it for the first time, as well as long-term Reichians who remember fondly what orgonomy used to be. 

Anyone finding out about orgonomy for the first time today, since they live in Internetland, will do a quick search on Google, find a lot of misleading junk about UFOs, chemtrails, secret government plots, meetings with Einstein, weather control, magical orgone gizmos, "spirituality", and almost eveything else you can imagine except the real science of orgonomy, as founded by Reich. How can serious scientific work to discover more about how the world works compete with secret plots and magic devices you can build at home to fight the invaders from another universe? 

As for DeMeo, he has positioned himself as the de facto leader of orgonomy, and one of his most important points is the anti-Islamic campaign he has been waging for some years now. He thinks he is continuing the social theories of Reich by doing so, thereby showing he has no understanding of what Reich said. Under his leadership, orgonomy has become just one of the many right-wing organizations supporting the U.S. government agenda to invade and occupy every country in the Middle East. 

Conventional psychiatrists attending a conference on orgonomy? That is a shock. But conferences on orgonomy are not true conferences as the term is used in scientific circles. A real scientific conference includes people on both sides of any controversial issue, and they argue their points out in front of the audience, and the best arguments are the ones that end up being accepted. 

There has never been an orgonomic conference where oposing views were allowed. An orgonomic conference is put on by one faction to showcase their ideas, and any other views are not allowed. Anyone raising arguments against DeMeo at one of his conferences would be evicted immediately. In fact, in the announcements for his conferences he says that they are not open to " enemies of orgonomy", meaning anyone who disagrees with him.

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