Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Strange Connections

Lawrence Rockerfeller donated large amounts of money to the ACO on several ocassions. He also funded cloudbusting by James DeMeo, who at the time was still associated with the ACO.

 It is interesting that an honorary member of the ACO was Edward Pell, a New York lawyer who had previously been Program Director of Radio Liberty, the CIA propaganda station broadcasting CIA messages to Eastern Europe. He was closely connected to the New York State administration of Nelson Rockerfeller and in that capacity, he was able to prevent a law from being passed that would have controlled all forms of weather modification in that state. That law would have been a problem for the cloudbusting work of the ACO.

In the late 1980s, the ACO did a big fund-raising campaign to get money for a new building. The head of that campaign was Patricia Humphrey, the wife of United States Senator, Gordon Humphrey. She raised more than $5,000,000 for the ACO building fund, but the building was never built. That was in the time that Dr. Richard Blasband and Dr. Barbara Koopman were presidents of the ACO. They both left the organization soon after the building campaign ended. 

At that same time, the ACO also had a fund-raising campaign to get money for a "final and definitive" To-t experiment by Dr. Blasband. They got some of the money from the Fetzer Foundation, some of it from the patients and former patients of the orgonomists and some of it--$48,000-- from Lawrence Rockerfeller. Whatever the results of that To-t experiment were, they were never published. 

All of this can be confirmed from the ACO Newsletter that the ACO published at the time.

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