Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Air Travel

A correspondent of mine recently wrote that he has given up flying "for environmental reasons". I know there have been some claims made of high altitude "haze" being caused by emissions from commercial jet aircraft, and this has been claimed to affect climate, but the person who wrote this is a well-known Reichian therapist, and an author of books on orgonomic topics, so it was a bit of a shock to find him apparently accepting without applying any critical thinking, the mechanistic theory of "haze" being caused by aircraft instead of looking for an orgonomic explanation of the observations. 

Modern jet aircraft usually fly at 30,000 to 40,000 ft. They only have a major environmental impact in the near vicinity of an airport. The main emission from them at cruising altitude is water vapor. Other components are not especially important compared to ground-based sources of pollutants. 

The hypothesis that the water vapor in jet contrails spreads out to create a far-reaching "haze" or high cirus cloud cover, is incorrect. It is based on the mistaken "condensation nucleus" theory that underlies cloudseeding attempts to create rain, a controversial and as yet unproven technology. That theory claims that no raindrops will form in a clear sky unless there is a tiny solid particle of something for the water vapor to condense on. This is what the scientists can observe in a laboratory, so they extrapolate from that to the atmosphere. 

They are mistaken. The "haze" commonly seen at high altitude that impedes visibility is what is known in orgonomy as the "DOR ceiling", and it is a condition of stagnation of the orgone of the atmosphere, not a screen of water droplets. This DOR ceiling was normally at an altitude of about 5,000 ft. in the 1950s, when it was first observed and described in the book, Contact With Space, by Wilhelm Reich, and it was found by him at that time to be caused by the frequent atom bomb tests in Nevada. It has since risen and is now at an altitude of 30,000 to 40,000 ft., about the same as that at which commercial airliners normally fly. 

In a laboratory cloud chamber, the condensation of water vapor that is already existing in the atmosphere into visible drops of water does not take place no matter how much water vapor is introduced into the air inside the chamber, unless there is some solid particle for the vapor to condense around. But in the lab, the experiment is done in a tightly sealed box with glass sides to allow visibility, inside a room that usually has flouresent lighting and other electrical equipment, in a building with thick brick or stone walls, and most often in a built-up urban area. All these conditions impede or imobilize orgone. 

Outside, in the "meadow" of the natural world, where the flow and pulsation of constantly moving orgone energy streams is unimpeded by brick, stone, or glass, and not "killed" or stagnated by electrical devices,  the formation of raindrops is accomplished by a very different mechanism: the creation directly from mass-free energy of newly created water by a process of superimposition of merging orgone streams. 

 The observation that a cloudbuster can cause clouds to form in a clear sky without adding any particulate matter to provide condensation nuclei shows that condensation in the real-world atmosphere is not dependent upon the presence of particulates. Condensation in the real atmosphere is due to fresh, new creation of water from superimposing streams of mass-free energy. If a particle of matter was required for each raindrop, a cloudbuster could not cause raindrops to form in a clear sky without adding particulates. 

So based on observational evidence, I do not accept the condensation nucleus theory that jet aircraft contrails have a significant effect on weather. 

The most important alleged "fact" offered in suport of that theory is that in the 48 hours after 9/11, while air traffic over North America was shut down, the skies were clear of "haze". That observation has another interpetation. At the same time, following long-standing policy left over from the Cold War, it is almost certain, though never made public, that the American nuclear arsenal was placed on "Combat-Ready -Alert" status, made ready to fire if the order was given. 

Making a nuclear weapon ready to fire requires placing a small bit of highly radioactive pollonium, 4,000 times as radioactive as plutonium or enriched uranium, in the exact center of the bomb, which happens to be constructed in a very familiar manner-- as a nested series of concentric layers of different materials. The emplacement of the highly radioactive  polonium in the center of this multi-layered arrangement triggers an oranur reaction that excites the atmosphere over a very wide area, including upwind areas. 

The result is what is known in orgonomy as "oranur weather", bright, clear, weather conditions in which clouds do not form or if any do, they have little cohesion and do not hold together well. The atmosphere is excited into a state of expansion, and the contraction processes that cause rain do not take place. If continued long enough, this is called a "drought". 

Not knowing of the oranur effect from radioactivity, and probably also not aware of the placing of America's nuclear arsenal on alert and the possibility that that could affect the atmosphere,  the meteorologists came to the conclusion, based on their demonstrably wrong condensation nucleus theory, that the clear skies over North America in the few days after 9/11 were the normal condition of the atmosphere and the more usually seen high, thin cirrus cloud cover was caused by the condensation nuclei left by usual jet traffic. From that has developed the belief that jet air travel has large-scale effects on weather. 

And well-intentioned, educated people are restricting their travel in the belief they can thereby help the environment. That is bad enough, but we can expect such restrictions on travel to be made mandatory sooner or later, if this belief goes unchallenged. 

And the only possible challenge is from orgonomy. Yet even a well-known Reichian therapist apparently subscribes to the mechanistic thinking on this subject.

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