Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Early Puberty

The earlier onset of puberty is conventionally ascribed to the increase in hormone-mimicing chemicals in the environment today. Soy, which contains estrogen, is an important ingredient in many diets today, but was rare a few generations ago. Beef cattle and chickens are fed hormones to fatten them for slaughter, dairy cattle are given bovine somatotrophin, a hormone that stimulates lactation, to increase milk supply, and crops are sprayed with herbicides that contaminate groundwater with residues that affect the human endocrine system.
 All of these are well-established facts, confirmed by numerous scientific studies by many laboratories over many years. There is no doubt that psychological factors can play a huge role in psysical functioning, but what is the evidence for the statement by an orgonomist that the increase in early-onset puberty is due to lessening of sexual repression in childhood? We are accustomed to the idea that in orgonomy, there are concepts that run counter to those of mainstream science, but most of those orgonomic concepts are based on solid experimental evidence. Is the statement by a well-known orgonomist that earlier puberty is caused by social and psychological factors one of them, or is it only a speculation?

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