Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dead End

The discovery by Reich of the bions led on to further discoveries. The bions led to the discovery of orgone energy. That led to the invention of the orgone accumulator. The accumulator led to the discovery of the oranur effect. And that in turn, led to the invention of the cloudbuster. And the cloudbuster led to the invention of the medical DOR buster. 

But no such progress was made in the field of psychotherapy. It was in the mid-1930s that Reich came up with the basic processes of vegetotherapy, that despite a name-change to make it fit in with his later interests after he moved to America, has undergone no significant change or development since. Modern day orgone therapy, except for the occasional use of the DOR buster, is still the same as the vegetotherapy of the 30s. 

The step-by-step leading on and on to more and more developments in the field of orgone biophysics is strong evidence that the basic concepts are correct. But the same cannot be said about the techniques of orgone therapy. They have stagnated for almost 80 years now. The lack of development is evidence the fundamentals are flawed and the method lacks the potential for further improvement. 

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