Wednesday, March 12, 2014


 Female Supremicists vs. Trisexualism

The most recent manifestation of the insanity that prevails around the issue of sexuality is the storm and fury that has broken out between Deep Green Resistance and Earth First!.

DGR is a strong voice for the environment, but also has a hard-core feminist agenda, which, to judge from the material on their website, means female domination and for men to meekly shut up and submissively take orders from women, and Earth First! has a policy of inclusiveness and openess to people of all minority groups, including some nobody has ever heard of. 

The uber-feminists consider a man who chooses to identify him/herself as a woman who just happens to have a male body to be a man, despite his/her wearing dresses and telling people he/she is a woman. The Trisexual Liberation Movement, who seem to dominate in EF! these days, says anyone has a right to belong to whatever sex he, she, or it chooses and nobody should be so unkind as to draft a person into any sex he, she, or it does not want to belong to. 

This would not be of great concern to most people, but it recently became a major public issue when a woman from DGR was invited to give a speach at a public conference at a university. The Trisexuals objected on the grounds that she was a biggot and should not be allowed to speak at the conference. The EF! Journal weighed in on the side of sexual freedom, meaning the side of the right to choose one's own sex, and the battle was on. 

DGR refused to give in to slander and defamation and defended their position that one's sex is not up for choice and one is a member of whatever sex one happens to be born into regardless of what one wants to be or believes himself, herself, or itself to belong to. 

So the member of DGR was allowed to give the speech, but there was a walkout in protest at the alleged biggotry of the conference organizers for their allowing her to speak. 

Since both EF! and DGR are supposed to be mainly environmental groups, and both are supposed to be mainly concerned with the destruction of trhe environment, this sideshow is not really important, but it has made it impossible for these two groups to join forces in the future. That is a loss for the environmental movement as a whole. 

I have no idea how many trisexuals there are, but there are probably not enough of them on this entire planet to fill the conference hall. And of that small number, there cannot be very many who are involved in EF!. But for the sake of accomodating this tiny minority, any possibility of future collaboration between these two groups have been permanently sabotaged. 

It would be interesting if some orgonomist would take an interest in expounding on this issue insteasd of wasting time beating the dead horse of communism and bashing Muslims. This issue is much more an issue that orgonomy could help illuminate. 

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