Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hall Of Shame

I am considering setting up a new website, The Orgonomy Hall Of Shame. 

It would include James DeMeo, who regularly posts hate speach about Moslems, in defiance of laws against inciting inter-group hatred,

 Dr. Richard Blasband, a past president of the ACO, who is a disciple of a Russian guru who has extreme anti-semitic material posted on his website and was a member of a group led by a former representative of Adolph Hitler, 

Dr. Barbara Koopman, another past president of the ACO who is also a follower and defender of that same guru, 

Dr. Courtny Baker, who also was a member of the group led by the former representative of Hitler,

 John Zofchak, who extorted money from a golf tournament promoter by threatening to make rain on that weekend with a cloudbuster,

 Bruce Forrester, who after experimenting with a device for passing an electric current through his brain to open a psychic channel of communication with UFOs, changed his name to Clark Kent, grew a Hitler-style moustache, and became a neo-nazi, 

Trevor Constable, who was a campaign worker for George Walace, who ran for president on a racial segregation platform, and has expressed great admiration for Nazi war heroe Eric Von Hartmann  and former Singapore dictator, Lee Quan Yu, 

Matt Ryan, who was editor of the Bear Tribe Magazine, Wildfire, and was fired by Bear Tribe leader Sun Bear for reading and answering mail addressed to Sun Bear without permission, 

Jerome Greenfield, who was a member of a Jewish terrorist group, the Stern Gang,  that blew up a hotel in Jerusalem and killed over 100 British Army officers,

and Jamie Ogg, who engages in copyright violations and urges others to do the same. 

I could go on and on. In fact the list is a very long one. Orgonomy seem to attract unethical, racist, and generally dispicable people in numbers far out of proportion to the general population. This is a subject that ought to be addressed. Why do undesirables get into orgonomy in such great numbers?

 Is it because the McCarthy-era right-wing ranting by Reich in his later years about communists being behind the US government action against him attracts people from the far right fringes? Does that right-wing nonsense by Reich seem to those people to give permission to indulge in right-wing extremism with a pseudo-scientific rationalization? 

Any ideas? Why do people you would not want to associate with get into orgonomy? 

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