Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Science Is Over!

( A ) All modern science, meaning, of course, mechanistic science, mainstream science, is going further and further down the wrong track, a track leading nowhere of any real importance, and is a waste of time. Ever since the publications by Reich in the 40s on orgone energy, bions, etc., there is no validity to mechanistic science and nothing to be learned by more and more mechanistic research. Starting in 1942, the only valid scientific work is that done by Reich and his associates and successors. Mechanistic science is over. It is finished. It is now nothing but a historical curiosity, like the phlogistion theory or Ptolomaic astronomy. Any further developments of it are a waste of time and funding.

 ( B )  The same applies to all non-orgonomic so-called "alternative" theories. The orgone theory is right, so all competing theories are wrong. The countless claims by otherwise unknown "researchers" to have discovered some new, previously unknown form of energy are suitable only for washing pigs. There is no known phenomenon that cannot be fully explained by the orgone theory, so there is no need for any other theory. People like Reif, or the Mexistim gadget of Jerry Decker, for example, are getting whatever results they may get, if they do indeed get any, by exciting the orgone field of the subject, no matter how they may choose to explain it. 

( C ) Reich completed his life-work. He worked out the main outlines of how the universe works, maybe not all the minor details, but the basic outlines, leaving no major gaps left to fill in. There will be no more scientific breakthroughs. Ever. We already know how the universe works, and it works the way Reich said it does. There is no need for any more research in orgonomy. Orgonomy is a finished product. We already know everything and there is nothing left to learn.

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