Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Human Sacrifice

All of modern society is based on human sacrifice. The most popular religion in the western world is a story of a human sacrifice. The criminal justice system is a human sacrifice ritual system. The employment system is too. That is why I am so interested in Velikovsky's historical reconstruction. 

According to Velikovsky, the earth suffered a series of catastrophes within the last 12,000 years. The entire human race is composed of the descendants of the few survivors. They were severely traumatized. In fact, they were driven insane. And what we have been taught to call "civilization" is a symptom of that insanity. 

Everything humans do, EVERYTHING, is because they are insane. EVERYTHING. Every social custom, every technological advance, every sport, every war, every scientific theory, every system of government, every religion, every philosophy, every belief about the history of the earth and the solar system, every theory in physics, in medicine, in how to bring up children, in what to eat and what rituals to eat it by, EVERYTHING. 

Read his book, Mankind In Amnesia, if you can find a copy. It is the most important book published in the 20th century except those by Reich. 

No treatment would help someone who is convinced by his culture that his time is up. He is convinced this is the way things must be. He is convinced the gods have decreed it so, He is convinced the doctors are the ones who know best. He is following a script written a long time ago, in which everyone dies at the appointed time. He feels at a deep level that he MUST follow the script or something bad will happen. 

The myth of someone selling his soul to the devil in exchange for eternal life is a rendering of this deep feeling nearly everyone has. The myth teaches that the price of eternal life is a catastrophe worse than death. Think about it. The whole human population went through a catastrophe that made them envy the dead. They survived. They feared having to go through that again so much that they made up stories about why the gods did this to them, and taught their children to do all sorts of crazy things to avoid angering the gods again. 

And their descendants are still doing those crazy things. They fight wars over which god to obey. They worship things that do not exist. They spend their whole lives working at horrid jobs,some of them far underground in mine shafts, to avoid facing the fact that the earth is so bountiful there is no need to work for a living if only the number of people was small enough and the way of life simple enough. 

They have laws and prisons, and governments, and diseases that are caused by their own choices about how to live, and when they get lung cancer after years of smoking, they say it is a god who decided they would get sick and they ask that same god to cure them.

And there is no such thing as ignorance. Every single person now alive knows perfectly well that smoking causes lung cancer. So every single person who smokes is insane. Literally insane. Everyone knows atomic bombs are bad. Yet how many people in the most educated countries still vote for leaders who build them instead of getting rid of them? 

So if someone has cancer, it is not just something that "happened" to him; it is something the culture did to him. It is not "happenstance". Millions and millions of people all working together did it to him. One does not "get" cancer. One is "cancered" by the culture one lives in. Sacrificed to the culture and the gods that culture dreamed up thousands of years ago to avoid being attacked again by the gods in the sky. 

And if anyone finds a cure for cancer, if he is really smart, he will keep his mouth shut. And if he does not, he will be sacrificed to prevent him from making the gods angry at the whole earth again. 

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